About Me

Ian Scott

Who Am I?

I decided to set up my own marketing agency having spent well over 20 years in the the travel industry.  That, and being a travel addict myself, were the two driving forces behind the decision to ‘go it alone'.  Looking after a small group of clients by myself allows me not only to give those clients the dedication they deserve,  but equally gives me time for my two young daughters.

I am creative, commercially aware, analytical in my approach and I never cease to be inspired by my own travels. Inspiring others to travel is what gets me out of bed in the morning.

I have a passion for the Caribbean, the Middle East most especially has a special place in my heart and I endeavour to forever keep travelling for work and pleasure alike.

What Do I Do?

  In case the swan reference is too tenuous, I do all the hard work underwater to make my clients look professional and elegant on the surface.  

Whether you are a destination, a hotel, or an attraction, I will be the face of your business in front of the Tour Operators, the Travel Agents and the Customers that will drive your growth.

Meeting Tour Operators to introduce new product; visiting travel agents and call centres to train and educate; organising events, roadshows, fam trips; developing B2C and B2B marketing campaigns; representing clients at travel events; and creating partnerships with both trade and consumer media.  

In a nutshell - that's what I do.

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Why Me?

I have rebranded a retail business and launched multiple theme parks and a transatlantic airline. I have managed one of the biggest leisure brands in the world at Disney. 

I have worked with hotels ranging from tiny Caribbean boutique properties to huge Cancun party resorts.  And I have been responsible for Dubai Tourism, one of the biggest holiday destinations out of the UK & Ireland... and a couple of smaller destinations in the Caribbean.

In the process, I have delivered multi-million pound, multi-channel marketing campaigns.

 My background is both client and representation, which is why I consider myself well equipped to now be running my own agency.