Travel Trade Representation

Marketing Representation

If you want more UK & Irish customers without the cost and complexities of setting up a UK office, then let me be your 'man on the ground.'  

I will put a strategic plan in place and, using my extensive contacts, will open doors to Tour Operators and meet and train travel agents. Fam trips, sales calls, e-marketing, market insights, reporting and query handling will all be taken care of with efficiency.

I will be YOUR employee at trade events, networking events, exhibitions and in front of media, airlines, tourist boards and DMC's.

If you want the UK & Irish travel trade to know you, and sell you, then please get in touch. 

Project Management

Marketing Representation

If you already have a team in place in the UK, but need a hand with one of your travel clients, please get in touch.

Maybe you need some senior level help or guidance, one or two days a week, to plan and oversee a marketing campaign?  Maybe you need my experience and contacts to help you pitch for, and retain, a new client of your own?

Whatever your needs, I can offer you a flexible, yet very experienced solution that might be more cost effective than hiring more headcount into your own business.

Please get in touch to see if I can help solve your problem. 

Advertising & PR

Marketing Representation

Over the last 20 years, creating and implementing strategic advertising and PR campaigns has been a constant.  I am associated with the very best media, creative and PR people in the industry to create stand-out campaigns, both B2B and B2C.

Whether it is TV, radio, print, OOH or digital, I will oversee the campaign planning, creative, media buying and campaign evaluation.  Perhaps promotions, brand partnerships or sponsorship better suit your objectives?  Trade and/or consumer, I will let you know.

PR (trade and consumer) will also grow your awareness.  Let me help you with media visits, forward features, influencers, news generation, events and media monitoring.